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About Me and Lauren’s
Financial Freedom Journey

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This is one of my favorite videos where I share about my financial freedom journey that I was inspired to shoot while kayaking at sunrise.

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Why I Created My Website


  • Embrace our Togetherness
  • Mastermind Effect
  • Win-Win

Share Value

  • Business / Entrepreneur
  • Inspirational Living
  • 9 Dot Thinking


  • Teach How I Create Money
  • Sharing Abundance
  • Step-By-Step to Financial Freedom


  • Living Your Wildest Dreams Now
  • Experience Business Freedom
  • Take Care of Our Planet

Masterminding Together

What You Gain 

Knowledge with a Plan

  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-Step Action Guides
  • Personal Interaction and Feedback

Positive Benefits

  • Personal Growth and Awareness
  • Reading Entertaining Adventures

Tips and Ideas and How To’s

  • Valuable Resources and Guides
  • Interesting and Inspiring Information
Enjoying Family Time

My Journey to Liberty

>“Liberty is the power to do what you want to do when you want to do it. To have what you want to have what you want to have when you want to have it. And to be what you want to be when you want to be it.

Liberty is the power to be the conscious architect of your environment, your experience and yourself. Freedom is the right to choose. Liberty is the power to be and do as I please.”
– Thomas D. Willhite

How does liberty through financial independence change my life?

Living a life of liberty gets me excited and makes my journey worth it because my goal for total financial independence is residing in my dream house in Kauai as a financially free millionaire with over $83,333 of passive income a month. That’s my liberty, that’s my goal and that’s why I am on my financial freedom journey.

My 411

  • 29 year old Nature Lover, Single Mom of 3 Kids
  • Left Los Angeles to create Life of My Dreams in Hawaii
  • Lifelong Entrepreneur into Personal Development

Who I am Looking to Connect With People Who…

  • Desire More Abundance in Life
  • Are Ready for Higher Peace of Mind
  • Are Pursuing their Dream Goals

My Vision and Purpose for Myself

  • Teach the World How to Have Financial Freedom
  • Experience Total Liberty and Peace of Mind
  • Connect with Humanity and Clean the Planet
Adventure Hike in Kauai

Lauren’s Financial Freedom Journey Overview

Things I Share on This Blog

  • My Everyday Thoughts
  • Experience & Wisdom
  • Breakthroughs I’ve Made
  • My Adventures


  • Financial Freedom
  • Money Management
  • Work Life
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Self Care
  • Natural Remedies


  • Happiness
  • Subconscious
  • Self Development
  • Self Talk
  • Learning
  • Dream Building


  • Universal Laws
  • Connectedness
  • Spirituality


  • Home Life
  • Relationships
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Current Events
  • My Favorites

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