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This website is all about my journey to financial freedom so you can do it too! I chronicle my everyday thoughts and actions getting out of the rat race. I started this site for three reasons:

1. My Thoughts 
To see where my thought process is along the way. I think it’s amazing how far I’ve come since deciding to revamp my life in September 2013.

2. My Readers
I would find it very helpful along my journey to read exactly what someone else with the same goal as me is doing along the way. Hopefully my readers start chronicling their journey to financial freedom. I know I will be inspired by their small victories along the way to success and instill more confidence in myself that I can and will achieve my goal. The success stories we hear are great, but you still have to figure out how to get there and stay motivated everyday. By writing down my exact journey, it is my goal to make financial freedom more attainable to everyone reading. It’s like we’re all coming together and supporting one another along the most monumental change of our lives.

3. My Accountability
One of my biggest personal challenges I have discovered is momentum. I get really fired up, give it 100% and then I need results fast. The hardest part for me is to keep up the momentum if the journey is slow. I know that my financial freedom journey is not going to happen overnight or even within the upcoming months. Hopefully I start to see success soon to keep me pumped up, but regardless I must stick with 100% effort. By blogging my journey it keeps me accountable to myself. An even bigger factor will come from being accountable to my readers who hopefully are own their own journey as well. We all have a different experience along the path but we will attain financial freedom for ourselves.



Adventure Timeline

The best and most unexpected part of my journey has been all the amazing adventures!! I love sharing them!


August 14, 1987 – Born in Los Angeles, California

1989 – Moved near Seattle, Washington

1999 – Moved near Yosemite then San Jose, California

2001 – Went to Boarding School in St Louis, Missouri for 8th & 9th

2003 – At 15 attended Personal Development seminar by Jim Rohn and read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and discovered the journey to financial freedom and pursued it ever since


Young Adult

2004 – Worked 2 jobs through high school at PetSmart and Farmers Insurance, realized I had no interest in corporate life

2005 – In Houston, Texas graduated High School and briefly attended the Honors Business College

2006 – Moved to California to apprentice in Real Estate Investing

2008 – After 2 years in the industry performing animal shows, co-founded my first company Reptacular Animals

2011 – After working 24/7 business hit over $500,000 in sales

2012 – Became a co-parent to 3 siblings adopted from foster care, wanted time to enjoy new family

2013 – Ready to Escape the Rat Race

Financial Freedom Journey


September – Took sabbatical from my business Reptacular Animals

October – Went to CashFlow Game Meetup, met new peer group and changed my mindset

November – Started Rich Dad Education for Stocks & Real Estate Investing

Early December – Started Personal Development & Internet Marketing Training

December – Launched my blog! (check out my original site here)


January – Started Dream Building my path for Financial Freedom, attended real estate

February – Invested time into personal growth, hypnotherapy,  and internet marketing while my longtime relationship broke apart

March – Ran a daily coaching webinar called “Learn Online Marketing For Free,” taught the Meetup “Free Business Tips” and co-founded a Financial Freedom Club 



June – Family time and camping with kids in Yosemite

July – Attended PSI Basic which began a new positive self awareness

Labor Day – Set off on heartfelt solo camping that I knew would change my course (and did!)

September  – Broke through limiting beliefs at PSI-7

October – Started a 90-day coaching program

November – Sold my half of business Reptacular Animals

December – My ex takes kids to Arizona and I move to Hawaii


May 12 – One way ticket to Kauai

June 20 – 10-day solo backpacking trip along 11 miles of sea cliffs into Kalalau Valley

August – Grand Canyon Road Trip, jumped off Stratosphere in Vegas for 28th Birthday & began my dating career with Tinder

September – California Train Trip and Trimming Season

October – 5 States and a Motorcycle Trip

November – Growing business in Oahu

December – Holidays with family and move to Kauai December 28


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