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Using Be Set Free Fast to Delete Negative Self Talk

How To Apply “Be Set Free Fast”

I am so grateful I discovered Be Set Free Fast. My dear friend shared it with my and said how it really transformed her experience. The creator Larry Nimms has a great official website with resources and he also shares his entire book Be Set Free Fast as a PDF.

I downloaded the whole book as a free PDF!

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Summary of Process

Initial Setup

With the cue word, you are treating two kind of statements:

1. Statements that, either consciously or unconsciously, you probably believe are true, but that it would be beneficial to no longer believe are true. Negative statements, such as I can’t do anything right, are in this category.

2. Statements that, either consciously or unconsciously, you probably do not believe are true, but that it would be beneficial to believe are true. Positive statements, such as I like myself, are in this category.

There’s a section of instructions you must read. Some cool facts are even if you don’t believe the technique it’s proven to be effective in removing negative self talk.


  1. Choose a Cue Word

2. Instructions to Subsconscious

Required Reading Pages 23-27

[Read These Pages Aloud]


Anger Forgiveness Treatment

I am now treating, in one treatment, all of my anger judgment, criticism and unforgiveness at or towards anyone involved in any of the problems I have just treated. Cue word

To tap for forgiveness, use the thumb of either hand to tap lightly on any other finger of the same hand while you repeat one of the following statements three times:

• I forgive you, ____________ [their name, he/she] is/was doing the best they can/could.

• I forgive everyone involved in the problems I have treated today, they are/were doing the best they can/could.

• I forgive you God (Lord, Father) and I know that you are/were always here/there and doing the best and right thing for me.

• I forgive you, The World/Life and I know you are just being what you are.

• I forgive myself, I know I am/was doing the best I can/could.

SUD Levels

SUD Levels Throughout the BSFF Treatment Procedure, you can measure the level of the discomfort you are feeling with regard to a particular issue. The psychological term for this kind of measurement is SUD level, which stands for “subjective units of distress.” You can measure your SUD level when you start treating an issue and again at different steps of the treatment process. The SUD level is measured on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being none and 10 being the worst imaginable. In the BSFF Treatment Procedure, the goal is to bring the SUD level for the issue down to zero. Be Set Free Fast 33 SUD levels work well when you are consciously aware of a discomfort. When treating issues that you know or intuit are present but may not have strong feelings about in the moment, it is not necessary to measure the SUD level. If you do not recognize any intensity when you recognize an issue, you can ask yourself this question, “If I were having a feeling about this issue, how strong would it be?” Some people have trouble giving numeric values to their discomfort. If this is the case, just notice whether the discomfort is strong, medium or mild. The idea is to have some kind of measurement so you can compare how you feel at the end of a treatment to how you felt at the beginning. With practice, you will develop greater self-awareness and will be able to detect SUD levels more easily. Once you measure a SUD level, you might ask yourself, “How do I know it is this number?” What are you experiencing that indicates how strong it is? For example, if you are anxious about something and you measure it as an 8, you might notice a tightness in your abdomen, sweaty palms, jittery feelings all through your body, a slight headache, etc. By noticing each of these symptoms, you can compare them to what you feel at the end of a treatment.

Exercise 5.1. In your journal, answer these questions:

1. Do you feel resistant to BSFF? Why?

2. Assuming what we say about the potential effects of BSFF is true, what is it about being free of your problems that scares you?

3. Are you afraid that BSFF won’t work for you?

4. What are your doubts about BSFF or its ability to help you?

Exercise 5.2

• Sit in a chair, preferably with your back straight. Cross your ankles or place your feet flat on the floor. Fold your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes.

• Take a few deep breaths in and out.

• Imagine that you are traveling inside of your body. Ask yourself, “What is stopping me from moving forward?” Wait for any answer.

• Write what you hear in your journal.

Exercise 5.3

Close you eyes and take a few deep breaths. Put your attention in your abdomen. Do you feel any discomfort there? If you do, on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being nothing and 10 being awful, how strong is the discomfort? Scan different body parts. If you find any discomfort, measure the intensity of the sensation. You might also want to think about issues that you are dealing with and see how strong the intensity is when you do this.

“Be Set Free Fast” Process

1. SUD

State the issue. Measure the SUD level of your discomfort.

2. Statements

Treat each of these by saying or thinking your cue word.

State each problem and underlying belief
that you can detect within the issue.

• I like myself. Cue word.
• I have a good mind. Cue word.
• I am a good person. Cue word.

“If I were to measure what I imagine my self-image to be, what number would it be?”  Step 2. Silently or out loud, state each problem and/or underlying belief that is related to the issue. After each statement, think, speak, visualize or write your cue word.

If any additional statements come into your mind, say them, followed by your cue word. You may experience some memories of times when you felt inadequate, embarrassed, or ashamed of who you are. You can turn these into statements that you treat by saying your cue word; for example: I was so embarrassed when other kids made fun of me. Cue word.

If you feel like repeating a statement, follow it each time by your cue word. Follow that instinct. There may be multiple problems underneath the statement, and repeated treatments can clear them all. Keep treating until you feel a sense of peace and calm, and if you measured the SUD level when you started, you notice that the SUD level has diminished, preferably all the way down to zero.

At any point, if you feel anger towards someone coming up, you can do The Anger/Forgiveness Routine we described in the last chapter. In the majority of cases, this is not necessary. However, some issues, especially those that involve violence or abuse, stimulate anger, and this needs to be treated with The Anger/Forgiveness Routine during the treatment for the specific issue.

3. Global Statement

At the end of a series of statements, you will make one final statement, called the Global Statement, which covers all of the residual problems related to an issue. You can vary the Global Statement as long as you make it allinclusive.

I am now treating, in one treatment, all of my ___________
(name of issue) and all of the limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that would ever make me keep
or take back ______________ (name of issue). Cue word.

4. SUD

State the issue. Take a SUD level again to see if the discomfort has diminished. If you still have discomfort, do The Fail-Safe Procedure outlined below.

5. Fail-Safe Procedure

First state the persistent problem for which you are not getting relief. Then say each of the following statements, followed by your cue word. Some chronic issues have a body-based component and need to be treated with The Fail-Safe Procedure as if it were the body that is resistant to letting go of the issue. The Fail-Safe Procedure using the words “my body” wherever the word “I” appears.

• I want to be free of this problem. Cue word.
• I am willing to be free of this problem. Cue word.
• I am willing to be free of this problem now and continually from now on (permanently, forever, etc.).Cue word.
• I give myself permission to be free of this problem continually from now on. Cue word.
• It’s okay for me to be completely free of this problem continually from now on. Cue word.
• I deserve to be permanently free of this problem continually from now on. Cue word.
• I will do everything necessary to see to it that I am free, and remain continually free of this problem from now on. Cue word.
• There are still one or more problems that will make me keep or take back this problem. Cue word.
• There is still something in me that will make me keep or take back this problem. Cue word.
• I am still vulnerable to taking this problem back sometime. Cue word.

6. Multiple Treatments

Treat as many issues or problems as you have time for in the session. After each one, treat the Global Statement. Take a deep breath and measure the SUD level of your discomfort. If you still have residual discomfort, do The Fail-Safe Procedure.




Summary of The Closing Sequence

At the end of every session, do the following: 1. Treat the Stoppers. You can use one statement to treat all Stoppers. 2. Do The Anger/Forgiveness Routine for anyone involved in any of the problems you have treated during the session. 3. Do The Anger/Forgiveness Routine for yourself for any problems treated during the session. 4. (optional) Do the spiritual cleanup. If you think of and treat any more problems after doing The Closing Sequence, you will need to do The Closing Sequence again.

Step 4. Treat the Stoppers. To treat the Stoppers, say each statement listed here, then your cue word. It doesn’t matter if you think any particular statement does not apply to you. Do them anyway because there is a good chance most of them are in your subconscious programming. You can treat any Stoppers that you notice, but be sure to include all of the following: Be Set Free Fast 41 • I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me. Cue word. • I am afraid that these treatments won’t last. Cue word. • I doubt that they will work. Cue word. • I doubt that they will last. Cue word. • I don’t trust myself to do things effectively in these new ways. Cue word. • I doubt that I will do things effectively in these new ways. Cue word. • I doubt my ability to live out these changes in my life. Cue word. • I am vulnerable to taking back one or more of the problems I have treated. Cue word. After you become familiar with the entire sequence of these closing Stoppers, you can give the following instruction to your subconscious: From now on, I need only say, “Now I am


Step 5. Clear up any remaining anger, judgment, criticism, and unforgiveness towards anyone involved in any of the problems you have treated. Do this by saying, I am now treating all my remaining anger, judgment, criticism, and unforgiveness towards anyone involved in any of the problems I have treated during this session. Then say your cue word. Then, tap, as you repeat three times, I forgive all of you; I know that you were doing the best you could. Step 6. Clear up all the anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness you have towards yourself for any problem you have treated during the session. First, say, I am now treating all of my anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness towards myself for any problem I have treated during this session. Then say your cue word. Then, tap, as you repeat three times, I forgive myself, I know that I’m doing the best I can. Be Set Free Fast 42 Step 7. The spiritual cleanup (optional) Depending on your spiritual beliefs or God concept, you may feel the need to clear up any anger you feel toward God/Higher Power by using a statement such as I am angry with God. Follow this with your cue word, then do a forgiveness treatment such as: I forgive you God (Spirit, Mother, Father, Lord) and I know that you are/were always there and doing the best and right thing for me. Cue word.

My Miracle Morning Reading & Journaling visiting Workshop of the Mind and Inner Child

I wanted to share my journal entry this morning. I was so excited after I did my visualization exercise.  I wrote about the mastermind I created and then more ideas started flowing.  

Then I had a great conversation with my Inner Child and now we have a date to go snorkeling tomorrow! Yeah! Omg, I just realized it’s been almost a month when I’ve been snorkeling and I live 1.5 miles away. Oh jeez. Well Little Lauren that’s changing tomorrow 🙂

I wanted to share this section of The Prosperty Secret by Markus Rothkranz really spoke to me. 

“Skill #1 – Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

What if how you lived your life on a daily basis brought great joy to you? What if what you thought created wealth and attracted financial security to you?

Skill #2 – Use the Right Tools 

Figure out how to do a business better; that’s the path to wealth

Skill #3 – Take Action in the Present Moment

What you don’t do in this moment, most likely you’ll never do at all.”

How to Apply the Mental Bank Concept | Inner Banking Financial Freedom Exercise


Lauren’s Inner Bank Guide

Apply this Powerful Financial Freedom Exercise to Reach Your Dreams Faster!

Step 1: Define Your Goal

Step 2: Determine Value Events

Step 3: Create Your Notebook

Step 4: Establish Your Routine

Step 5: Experience Your Dreams


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Introduction to the Inner Bank and Mental Bank Concept

Aloha! I’m Lauren and I discovered this concept called the Mental Bank a number of years ago. The idea behind the Mental Bank is to expand your current personal belief about your money experience (reprogram your subconscious).

Armed with a new self-worth and recording the daily value you’re creating (plus getting paid big checks!) this exercise influences your behaviors so you create a more abundant life that matches your updated Inner Bank.

I practiced the exercise several times on my Financial Freedom Journey and always experienced positive results. So this time when I was ready to “level up” again for a new business venture, I turned back to my Mental Bank notes. I really wanted to keep up the nightly practice (ensuring my best goal results) so I took some time to developed some key resources I needed.

The first thing I needed was a 3-ring notebook with templates - now it’s so easy to keep up with! More parts grew and soon I had created my own Inner Bank system. My friends kept asking me how I was doing it and I love to share so I put everything together in this post so you to start your Inner Bank tonight!

Here's an overview video I made explaining my Inner Bank System

My dream goal is I am a financially free millionaire living in my own 6000'+ dream home that's free and clear. It's an estate built on a family farm with over 12 oceanfront acres in Hawaii and I receive over $1,000,000 a year of passive income. This means my monthly income lifestyle is receiving over $83,333 per month if I never do a day more of work!

This dream life is a huge jump from what I have experienced so far. By doing this mental bank exercise and experiencing the feeling of living as a financially free millionaire already, I quickly begin to attract the people and circumstances into my life to make it happen. I shared this powerful Financial Freedom Exercise with my friends and - wow! - they are also having exciting experiences of receiving more money and reaching their goals faster!

Inner Bank History

Lauren derived her Inner Bank Finacial Freedom Exercise from the Mental Bank Concept by John Kapaas

Mental Bank Development

"The Mental Bank program, developed by Dr. John Kappas and the staff of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), represents the culmination of 30 years experience in the field of subconscious and behavioral reprogramming.

The text explains in easy to follow steps the five synergistic elements of the Mental Bank program and how to get them working in your life in less than five minutes per day.

The Mental Bank program is a dramatic demonstration of how your subconscious mind is a goal machine, driven to achieve whatever it is programmed for. The Mental Bank program puts you in the driver's seat for programming your subconscious mind to achieve success, happiness and prosperity, easily and effortlessly."

Success is Not an Accident: The Mental Bank Concept by John G. Kappas. 

Just so you know, this video is not 5 minutes - it's 2 hours! Continue reading this post for my "Cliff Notes" 😉

Additional Websites for Information

Applying My Inner Bank Process

Note from Lauren

A coincidence (or there are no coincidences!) is my personal connection to HMI  because what helped me to define my goal was several appointments there in January 2014. I saw myself as a financially free millionaire coming down the stairs of my dream home and raced ahead with my life in that direction. I didn't put the connection between HMI & Mental Bank until I put together this blog post!

Years ago in Los Angeles, I heard of the Mental Bank concept, Googled it and put it into practice for a bit. It was cool getting paid for my daily "value!" however my routine changed and I fell out of practice. Then at my Entrepreneur Meetup, one of the members gave a presentation on using the Mental Bank after she had taken the official course.  Only then did I find the free online PDF from HMI.

Three times over several years I used the mental bank for short periods and experienced a tremendously positive effect plus I actually had money come "outta nowhere" during those times. Yet I didn't have consistency until I put my own spin on the Mental Bank Concept and developed some great templates and resources I call the "Inner Bank Financial Freedom Exercise." I'm happy to share the resources I use and am very pleased with my results using my Inner Bank nightly.

Step 1: Define Your Goal

What do you truly want? It surprised me to learn the majority of people never have a definite goal. I have known what I want - to live in my dream house as a financially free millionaire traveling the world with my family sharing entrepreneurship with everyone.

Money Goal

If you have a specific money amount, just plug that into the goal. Using the "SMART Goal" method is a good way determine amount

Other Goals

A weight loss goal could be defined as $100,000 and I’ll pay myself according to my weight loss and value events like eating healthy or exercising.


Having big goals for yourself is great, though if you’re starting from a place of confusion or lack of desires (and maybe everything sucks in your life right now), then it’s hard to feel like your wildest dreams are coming true. That’s where the 4 areas of Peace of Mind come in to the equation by looking at different areas that you want to improve.

Peace of Mind

The 4 Areas of Peace of Mind
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness
Take a moment and assess each of those 4 areas of your life. Rate them on a scale of 0-10 (highest being 10). You can focus on the lower satisfaction areas or set goals for all the areas. See your life as you choose it to be - you are the creator of your experience!

Envisioning Your Dream Life

This is where the magic starts! Go big!!

Goals of "I want to be rich, I want to live in a big house, I want to have a ranch in the mountains, I want to be married, I want to travel, I want to be healthy" are all great though it’s vital to get specific.
How much money do you actually want?
Getting specific allows you to really make the goals measurable.
  • Does $1 million dollars make you feel rich or $100 million?
  • Do you want a $200,000 house or a $20 million dollar house?
  • How large is your house?
  • Where is it located?
  • What’s the monthly household expense?
  • Will you need a chef, housekeeper, gardener?  How often?
  • Someone to do errands and drive the kids to school?
  • A personal assistant to handle your to do list?
  • What’s your ideal budget for shopping/eating out/household expenses?
  • Do you want to travel each month? Vacations?
  • Personal jet or just flying first class?
  • Do you have a partner? A new one? Kids?
  • What does your ideal body look like?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Do you work?
You need to get used to having this abundance and be really comfortable with it. Your subconscious needs to believe it and expect it. Setting these measurable goals sets you on the right path to creating exactly what you want because you’ve taken the time to create it in your head first. (This is what I call workshopping and visualization and more on that elsewhere.)

Step 2: Establish Value Events

Value events are based on actions you do that get you closer to your goals! Things that add value to your day are, in fact, contributing to your success. Yes, it can even be serving others, taking a course, meditating or spending time with family. Developing great relationships with quality family time or business masterminding phone calls are great examples of value events.

Determining Your Hourly Rate

The difference between calculating the Mental Bank Way vs The Inner Bank Way is the Mental Bank uses an annual income to determine hourly rates, while the Inner Bank calculates monthly.
  1. Take goal amount and multiply it by 4 to get Inner Bank target
    • Example - Goal: $10,000 Goal x 4 = $40,000 Target
  2. Divide that number by 720 to get hourly, monthly wage
    • This is calculated around the clock
    • Example - $40,000 / 720 = $55/hr, I prefer to round it
  3. Double or triple hourly wage for bonus events
    • Example - $55/hr x 2 = $110/hr bonus rate
  4. Determine varying amount for flat rate events
    • Example - $500 for attending a workshop
    • Example - $100 for getting 8+ hours of sleep
$10,000 Goal is $55 per hour

Value Events

All events must be on this list to get paid!

Look at the 4 areas of Peace of Mind to determine your overall total (see Peace of Mind in Goals above)
  • Health goals may have value events like exercising, food choices, sleep routine, water amounts, etc.
  • Wealth/money goals may have value events for: responding to emails, talking to clients, sales calls, reading or listening to learning materials.

Assign the hourly rate (yes, it can be in the hundreds or even thousands $$) and a flat rate for each event: listen to yourself on determining what is an "Hourly Rate" event and what will stay at a "Flat Rate" fixed amount.
My Original and Revised Value Events

Overall the majority of value event entries should be hourly to help you gain more awareness on where your time spent regarding your goals.
  • Health Goals may get an hourly rate for exercise and a flat rate amount for healthy food choices or reaching your nightly sleeping target
  • Money goals may get an hourly rate for working on projects and perhaps a flat rate for each quick followup call

Bonus Events

When something is super hard to do or scary and brings you a significant step closer to your goals, these events are paid 2- 3 times the usual amount. Example: Making cold calls, going for a run, doing a project you want to avoid.

Now Go Big!

What is your Dream Lifestyle Budget?

Wanna $1,000,000 a year?



$1,000,000 x 4 = $4,000,000 Target Goal

$4,000,000 / 12 = $333,333 per month

$333,333 / 720 = $463 per hour!

Step 3: Create Your Inner Bank Notebook

Notebook Supplies

My Product Recommendations
*Click to Buy on Amazon Prime*

I find it a lot easier to have a 3-ring binder for my Inner Bank Exercise and hole punch my printed templates. The dividers separate your daily ledger and the other sections. Make sure you have a good calculator (and not the basic 8 digit) because you will be calculating into the millions! You can also use the calculator function on a phone or computer. I use the pouch to hold my blue pens and checkbooks.

Paying Yourself

I write real checks to myself and put them on the wall for a powerful visual. I highly recommend using specific checks for this exercise; for $20 I ordered a separate box of real checks from my bank just for my Inner Bank paychecks. It's an amazing feeling KNOWING I will cash them soon!
*Free Download* Printable Blank Checks
My current paycheck stays in my wallet all week! Fun seeing that big check each time!

Notebook Pages

The most important practice of the Inner Bank Financial Freedom Exercise is doing it nightly. I developed these Inner Bank Templates that I personally use to make it easier though you can also just do journal entries. ... Helpful Templates Lauren Created
  • Inner Bank Contract
  • Inner Bank Ledger
  • The Happenings
  • Value Events
  • Cashflow Sheet
  • Investments
*Free Download* Printable Inner Bank Ledger


Buy Inner Bank Resources

For Best "Inner Bank" Results, Join Our Accountability Group & Receive Your Templates FREE!

Step 4: Inner Bank Routine

Ah, ha! This is where the magic happens!

Practicing this financial freedom exercise every night is the key to making this work for you. 

Do it every night for one week to start!!

Since learning of the Mental Bank several years ago I would practice it for a few weeks at a time. Each time I felt such amazing growth in my mentality! This year as I pursued huge goals I brought the Mental Bank out of my "toolbox." I got serious about it and added real paychecks and made a notebook.  I made the commitment to bank every night.

Once again using this exercise I started getting amazing results plus I was feeling so much better! I decided to share how I've adapted it to my own Inner Bank routine and created the Facebook Accountability Group. I have no foreseeable ending this practice as I'm continually reaping the benefits! Life just keeps getting better and better! I'm crossing $21,000,000 tonight and my real life has shifted even more positively!

Calculating Daily Pay

Write out each event on the ledger and in the beginning recording each item is extremely beneficial. Pay yourself for the 10-15 minutes you spend doing this exercise each night.

After a few months I began to dread the ledger because I was constantly tracking my time and feeling anxious if not working enough. Not cool! Negative feelings are my sign for a course correction. So I re-did my Inner Bank Contract and went with a flat rate of $12,000 an hour x 24 hours a day - that changed my attitude and I enjoyed banking again.

After awhile re-did my contract again to get daily passive income plus have a routine checklist I reuse to streamline the process. I've tailored this exercise to work for me and you do the same. The most important thing is just to do it! 🙂

My Evolving Ledger

  1. Log each Event and Record the Rate and Time
    • Example: Health Goal - Drinking Water $20/Bottle flat rate, 6x
    • Example: Relationship Goal - Go on Date $400/hr rate, 90 minutes
    • Example: Money Goal - Cold Calls $800/hr bonus rate, 45 minutes
  2. Calculate all Events at the same time using a Calculator
    • Example: Health Goal - Drinking Water $20/Bottle flat rate, 6 times = $20 x 6 bottles = $120
    • Example: Relationship Goal - Date $400/hr rate, 90 minutes = 90 min / 60 min = 1.5hrs x $400 = $600
    • Example: Money Goal - Cold calls $800/hr Bonus rate, 45 minutes = 15 min / 60 min = .25hrs x $800 = $200
  3. Record Daily Total and add to your Inner Bank Balance
    • Example: Cold Calls $200  + Date $600 + Water $120 = $920 for the day!
    • $920 for the day + previous Inner Bank balance equals your new current balance
  4. Pay Yourself and Deposit into Inner Bank
    • Journal and write out the following script each day, "Today,(write-the-date), I am so happy and grateful receiving $##,### $(write-out-the-full-number-in-cursive) making my new balance $#,###,### $(write-out-the-full-number-in-cursive) "
    • Example: Today, January 1st, 2017 I am so happy and grateful receiving $5,327.12 five thousand three hundred twenty-seven dollars and twelves cents making my new balance $612,973.42 six hundred twelve thousand nine hundred seventy-three dollars and forty-two cents
    • Your daily pay is written on the ledger and the official paycheck is issued weekly
  5. Record Happenings from the Day!  This is your chance to reflect on opportunities you've been given each day to move closer to your ultimate goals. You'll start to recognize the daily occurrences of abundance. As you look for them,  they'll become more numerous and greater. Because what you give attention to, grows.

Weekly Paycheck

  • Calculate the total of each day during the week and write a check for that amount! Writing that check makes it real.  Seeing those numbers next to your name makes a powerful statement. "You are wealthy, you are worthy.  You deserve that abundance of money!"
  • I keep my current Inner Bank Paycheck in my wallet each week
Inner Bank Ledger and Paycheck

Advanced Banking

You can allocate your Inner Bank income and get investments. I love seeing my "Fun Money" add up and it's also good to practice paying a big tax bill for these millions! I made worksheets for these in my templates
  • Cashflow Worksheet Allocation
  • Update Investments(Add Screenshot of what amounts of money get allocated, allocation checks and investments)

Step 5: Experience Your Dream

Acknowledge and give gratitude for the abundance  manifesting in your experience!

Your mind must wrap itself around this idea of seeing abundance all around you, regardless of what your circumstances may be. When you start to SEE abundance in your everyday life, you're given more. So acknowledge and give gratitude for each and every one of those blessings! More comes to you, and more and more and more. That's where you experience your dream and build the life you're truly meant to live.



Inner Bank Concept

Your thoughts or self-belief about money
or achieving goals determine your experience
of abundance (or lack of it) in your life.


Quote from Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“[My poor] dad had a habit of saying, “I can’t afford it.” [My rich] dad forbade those words to be used. He insisted I ask, “How can I afford it?”

One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think … I can’t afford it’ shuts down your brain [because] it didn’t have to think anymore … It also brings up sadness, a helplessness that leads to despondency and often depression.

‘How can I afford it?’ opens up the brain, forces it to think and search for answers. It also opens up possibilities, excitement and dreams and creates a stronger mind 
and dynamic spirit.”

What are your thoughts about money?

Reoccurring thoughts like “I always have plenty of money” or “I never have enough money” play out in that person’s life experience.

Money is an idea and the ideas you are thinking prompts feelings. Those feelings create an expectation that becomes your life experience. If you believe “I always just get by” then it is so.

Are you ready for a more abundant life experience?

Applying this practice changes the way you think about your personal value and your relationship with money. Positively expanding both of these self-beliefs allows you to experience the life of your dreams even sooner! Start practicing this exercise every night this week and enjoy your first huge paycheck shortly!


5 Reasons this Financial Freedom
Exercise is So Powerful

Lauren’s Inner Bank System is derived from the well-known Mental Bank Concept which culminates over 30 years of research at HMI. Here are the 5 components that make up the foundation of this nightly practice many people have used with successful results.

“Success is NOT an Accident!” HMI Motto

“The 5 Synergistic Elements

1. BELIEF – Put into action your new, successful script and rewrite your subconscious

2. DAILY REINFORCEMENT  – In fact, it WILL work as long as we do it!

3. SCRIPTING  – Bypassing the critical area of the mind and entering the subconscious

4. TIME OF DAY – The last half hour before sleep is referred to as the “Magic 30 Minutes”

5.  DREAMS – New program in and vent out the old program dreaming”

Excerpt Above from the “Mental Bank Handbook”

Start Applying this
Inner Bank Exercise Tonight!

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Exercises? Click Here Now

How To Launch Your Own Website in a Weekend

Launch Your Own Website in a Weekend

How I Taught My Friends to
Create an Online Business like Mine

Aloha! I’m Lauren and I am passionate about creating financial freedom in my life and the lives of others. I personally do this through my own
online businesses and helping people become entrepreneurs. I recorded these steps I use so now you can learn some simple steps to create your own successful online business too!

For years I’ve shared what’s working in my businesses and been asked
numerous times if I could build someone’s website. I never have because
I have no interest in becoming a website designer. I much prefer the
entrepreneurial lifestyle and going  snorkeling Monday morning than
reporting to a job. So I thought of a great win-win to create this
blog post by outline the steps and share how I do it. 

I taught my friends how to create their own professional websites
very quickly over one weekend. They learned how to use WordPress,
the predominant way to create websites and manage their own content. Plus WordPress allows for the fancy stuff you can hire the Pros for when you’re ready. Then adding in the advanced steps allows for unlimited monetization! By following these steps everyone can make a huge step
 to create passive income resulting more financial freedom in your life!

Our Weekend Mastermind Creating Websites

Preparation Steps


Hey! I’m so excited you’re about to build your own website!
That’s actually how I started my first business bringing animals
to kid’s parties in Los Angeles. That website has built
Reptacular Animals as the largest in its industry since 2008!
Then I started my next businesses this same way.

All you need to start a business or website is an idea.
I love talking to people and discovering what their big idea is.
The coolest part with starting your own business is you can
grow around your interests or passions. I always loved kids and
animals and BOOM … a successful service company was born.
This website is my blog. Is a blog a business? Well it sure can
be and my goal is to show you how to create a successful
online business by creating a website for anything!

Do you already have a business or website and ready grow?
That’s awesome. It’s up to you if you want to create a personal
blog site as well or just optimize your existing one. Going through
this process will teach you the skills to build an optimized website
and run your own small business so it creates financial freedom.  


Preparation Video

Video showing Research & Outline 


Establishing Website


Determine Marketplace






Developing Your Outline


(Hey you can download ours! That’s the big master Outline )


Purchase Website


Video showing Domain, Hosting, WordPress


Selecting Name

What is a Domain and Hosting, a domain is the address of your site or “” and the Hosting is where the website is stored. There’s companies just for domains or you could bundle them with a Hosting Provider

Picking a Domain Name, if you need ideas pick one that’s catchy easy to spell. Putting words together or adding “-” works well and you can also use keywords

Should it be “.com”, that’s a personal preference. Generally .com is preferred though ultimately the website has so many traffic sources the name won’t matter

Search for Domains, there’s many companies that sell domains. Since I have multiple websites, I find it’s cheaper to use a domain company and then have an unlimited hosting plan. I usually renew for under $10 and always a Google for “promos”. The Hosting providers usually have a higher domain renewal fee of $12-15+. If you are new there’s usually promotions from Hosting Providers to get a free domain for a year when you bundle.


Purchasing Domain & Hosting Provider

It’s a big process to switch hosting providers so choose one for long term


Prominent domain and hosting provider that also offers excellent phone support, template websites and professional designers. Usually a bit pricer. I built one of my original websites using their basic template.




I personally have used them for many domains and been very satisfied. Basic domain provider with consistently lower prices. FYI only email/chat support.



I switched to them in 2017 from BlueHost initially because billed monthly instead of annually and the interface. The phone customer service is super and they fixed lots of things I messed up in the learning process.



I used them for years with several sites and was always satisfied. I had purchased a 3 year plan and when renewal came up I found a cheaper one and I liked the other website back office layout better and switched.


Installing WordPress


Linking Domain & Hosting



Website Layout

Video with Themes, Pages, Categories, Menus, Plugins


Choosing a Theme

Installing Theme

Customizing Theme



Pages vs Posts

Naming Pages

Adding Pages



Using Categories

Creating Categories



Menu Layout

Creating Menus



Types of Plugins

Installing Plugins

Using Plugins


Website Content

Video with Posts, Content, Formatting, Links





Advanced Website

Video with Subscribers, Products, Affiliates





Here are some great resources for how to build and
launch a website. I’ve personally studied many of these. 









Persistance in All Areas

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napoleon Hill

Persistence is a quality I have struggled with a lot. I’ve been told I quit things and have that belief still ingrained in me, much to my disliking. Since my viewpoint is that I quit, then when I do feel compelled to move in a new direction, negative feelings that I am a quitter rise inside me. Am I quitting or being redirected? Do I need to finish all the little things if I’m very clear on the overall direction I’m going?

Napoleon Hill speaks of persistence being what set Thomas Edison and Henry Ford apart from everyone else. “I found no quality save persistence, in either of them, that even remotely suggested the major source of their stupendous achievements.” He goes onto say, “Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.”

The fact that I am persistent is a huge realization to me. My self image definitely has been programed wanting me to think that I am not persistent, I am flakey, don’t complete things I start, give up when it gets hard, etc. That’s been a powerful belief I’ve had since childhood and continues to pop up and debilitate me as an adult.

A belief gets put into place over time through repetition or from an emotional response to an event. The self belief that I’m not consistent got put into place over years of “authority figures” reminding me about my lack. Then I started to “see” it everywhere that I am inconsistent. However when I view my progress of my goals I have been extremely persistent. I worked almost 24/7 for five years building my first company, went through the foster system for a year and a half to adopt my children and knew I would build a new life in Hawaii and created an amazing one in less than a year.

On my big goals I am very persistence and achieve them. It’s the day-to-day things that still rattle my self-image. Now I have to two events I bring up when I need to “call upon” my belief that I am persistant. The first one was jumping off the telephone pole at PSI-7. I learned when it gets challenging I talk myself out of my desire, even when I’m 95% there! In that case I kept persisting on figuring out how to climb onto the top of the telephone pole and succeeded. Once standing up, then I got to jump off and catch the trapeze which is the image I had in mind. I have used this new belief about myself with persistence many, many times in the year and a half since the pole when I wanted to quit in all different areas of my life.

My new persistent attitude towards hiking stemmed from my Kalalau journey. On that 11 mile hike down the Na Pali last summer, there was no doubt in my mind I would make it to the end. I saw myself there! Even when I got lost 8 miles out and had to spend the night alone without my tent, I still knew I would make it to the end – as angry and exhausted as I was! After that experience now I know I can complete any hike and set off with that belief and that’s been my new experience.

On Saturday I went with my hiking club to Guardian Falls which is on the way to Mt Waialeale, the wettest spot on Earth. It was an epic hike and very challenging. I wanted to quit when the rain started and several times when I felt a lot of fatigue the desire to quit popped into my mind. However every time the suggestion to quit, or even stop for awhile, I kept going and almost immediately the negative feeling passed. As soon as I felt better, the group would reach the destination or opt for a break. Coincidence? Hehe, I think not! It was just another lesson for me in persistence and who’s in charge of creating my experience – my positive intention or the negative opposite?

Writing this post on persistence was on my mind all day yesterday, too. I woke up feeling negative and the feeling lasted all day. I also am very clear on the principle that what I resist persists. I do not want this feeling to persist so instead my day got detoured. The most important thing to me is how I feel so I use negative feelings now as a wake up call to reassess things and stop to figure out what is bothering me. Yesterday my negative vibration kept attracting “ugh” things – nothing too bad just not positive and free flowing. Customers asking redundant questions, workers not communicating, just stuff like that. And it was my goal is finish this post and just didn’t feel like doing it. So instead I did things yesterday that made me happy to create a better tomorrow. And today, I felt better! Though it’s still been hard finishing this post. Persistence, being committed to keep going at it! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be on-time necessarily, it just has to be constant. And if you’re constantly going in a direction you want to go in, you’ll arrive!

I am SOOO glad for hiking because it is a wonderful experience of the rewards of persistence! Here’s some of my favorite photos including passing the spot where the original Jurassic Park sign was 

Rains and Rainbows

I’m learning to appreciate and embrace the duality of life. Without the dark rain clouds, there’d be no rainbow. And the contrast in my picture wouldn’t be as stunning!


 The themes and symbols have always been there: light and dark, hot and cold, happy and sad, ying and yang, positive and negative. I’ve been focusing on postivity to create positive results in my life. I used to unconsciously (and consciously!) feel negative and continue to experience more negativity. Then I chose to change that. 

When I sought to feel positive I learned about, connected with and then practiced being positive. I’ve been so far on the positive side now and savoring every minute that I really don’t experience negativity. A big part of that is because of my attitude. I don’t perceive things as negative. I’ve adopted and now have proved to myself time and again that everything that comes into my experience is always positive for me. Truly knowing and expecting a positive end result always yields it. This allows me not to get too swayed when something initially appears negative.

I don’t want to create negativity in my life. Although by having contrasting positive and negative emotions, that allows me to experience pure joy and love and happiness.  I also use any negative feelings as a quick feedback for myself to stop and examine the cause. I don’t tolerate it so I’m very grateful to weed it out before it grows. 

I can only control how I feel now which determines my future experience. If it’s going to rain, I am unable to change that. Though if rain makes me feel negative then I’m sowing more upcoming experiences with negative feelings. And that negative futures isn’t limited to rain clouds! It can be anything entering into your experience you perceive as negative. Yikes!  

The great news is I can choose how I want to feel in all situations and reacts accordingly. I really don’t like rain. I associate rain with being cold and wet since I had a childhood near Seattle. To this day when I get rained on, I get grumpy. There’s no singing in the rain for me. Well now I live in a tropical climate and moved right in front of the wettest spot on Earth. Smart choice, Lauren! 

And this is my choice. I want to live in here in my wonderful house along the stream in the lush jungle hearing bullfrogs croaking right now. (Which only exists because it rains all the time!) I also want to be happy. My experience is rain makes me feel unhappy.  Can I have both? Oh yes, because I choose to be happy. It’s my choice now and I’m not autopilot. When the negative comes in, you jolt it. Alarm bells go off and be so grateful for this alert to switch to positive. Something awakens your inner self, the one that’s always in a pursuit of your happiness. So I guide it to feeling positive. My autopilot is programmed negative when it rains. I switch that consciously and choose better feelings when rain comes. Now I am looking for the positive. And I’ve I found a lot of reasons to be grateful for rain yesterday!


Results: Negative or Positive

Guess what! You can choose if your result is negative or positive because all significance is assigned by people. If I decided something is positive then I’m happy and if I view it as negative I’m not happy. In both cases, it was my decision. And if it’s it my decision do I have to feel negative if I don’t like the result? I only want to feel positive to attract more positive in my life. So I’ve learned how to switch positive when confronted with a result I deemed negative. 
This week I realized I have so much on my “must do” list that I haven’t even gotten to my “have to” and “need to”, let alone my “want to” tasks. How am I ever going to completed anything? The happy thing for me is I always have what I need before I realize I need it. (I love that I have that belief and definitely reinforce it!) In this case, I hired a Virtual Assistant last week before I realized how much I needed one. I budgeted time Thursday and part of Friday (if needed) to complete the updates on all my AirBnB listings. As I completed the work, I documented how to do it so I’m creating the training manual for my VA in the process. Love to multi-task! However by Friday night I had only completed about 20% of them. Woah! All this time invested and I’m stuck working in my business rather than working on my business. I was not happy about this and especially spending days on it! Now it’s Sunday night, I feel really negative when I look at my results: I only updated 50% of my listings.
 I spent all my valuable time and only halfway there! This result definitely made me feel negative. (And note “made me feel” so I’m being a victim.) I also know don’t want to stay with negative thoughts. So this is how I started to switched the negative thoughts into positive. I started thinking about what else I accomplished during the same times. I created a lot of other results in the same time frame. I’m apart of an accountability group and it’s been very helpful to me to track my progress in all areas. And tonight it comes in really handy. Since Thursday in addition to updating 50% of my listings, I wrote 50% of my VA Training Manual, had 3 meaningful phone conversations with friends/family, been on 2 dates, discovered a Hawaiian burial ground, watched a movie, picked up items for my new bunkhouse, attended Farmers Market, read a book, cooked healthy meals and did a bunch of other things. Just writing it makes me feel more accomplished and feel more positive!
Non loves watching Bob Proctor right now and I love having it on in the background. On those lectures it really sticks how I’m going in the exact direction I want. Positive! And there’s no doubt I’ll get there. Well it’s my doubt alone that determines if I won’t get there because “Certainty certainly brings certainty.” I definitely don’t want negative and the only way to ensure that is to focus only and what I do want which is positive. So in this case my results “feel negative” however because I want to create more positive results I can choose to “feel positive” by focusing on all that I did accomplish. And that list is pretty awesome! Another great lessons I realized this was such “task oriented” work. I am consumed by so many tasks in my business my focus needs to be shift that to my VA. There are so many ways I’m eager to work on my business! 
And that’s exactly how you “switch” which is to take negative energy and switch it positive. See it’s all the same energy. And all energy vibrates and moves and attracts. And as humans we continue that energy with our feelings and emotions. In this case I’ve been having wonderful, positive results in my business and personal life. Then Sunday night comes and I look at a goal and feel disappointed with only being halfway complete. The disappointment soon spiraled to more intense negative feelings and thoughts. Some included guilt (lack of time bc I had a great outing), fear (lack of money didn’t get to work on new biz), doubt (will I reach other goals) and this is a list I don’t want to keep brainstorming. 
If I didn’t or don’t stop this thinking and feeling, then that negative energy starts to attract negative results. When I switch how I feel then I can keep attracting more positive results. I am so grateful for the ability to “switch” how I feel. This is an ability I developed through an awareness I gained during PLD of the PSI classes. Like all abilities it’s a muscle I’ve developed and do a great job staying on course. I know this because I keep reaping positive results!



Infecting with Contagious Positivity

I love being conscious of and connected to how I feel! See the way we feel is directly tied to our thoughts and the results we get in life. I used to not feel good, even when accomplishing my goals. What good did it matter I didn’t feel good?! 

When I moved to Hawaii sight unseen to start 2015, people asked me why I moved. “I moved to Hawaii to be happy!” and it’s so true and people love that response. I moved to start a new chapter after selling my company of six years. However the feeling was what I was after. I wanted to feel happy and I openly admitted I didn’t know what made me feel certain ways. I “wanted” it tho could never quite feel the way I truly desired. 

I’ve mastered intention setting especially from all my personal development in PSI. So I set the intention for a feeling and headed to Hawaii. I was happy though the feeling was fleeting after I moved and began stressing to create new income. After 2 months of living in Oahu I realized I spent most of my time indoors working.  That was not making me feel happy! 

So I got clear again and put happiness first. By that point it was April 2015 in Honolulu and I took some big steps in the direction of happiness. I freed myself of a negative ex, got my new Airbnb running and followed my heart to Kauai on May 12. 

May 12 was the day I started putting ME first! I bloomed with happiness and felt alive!! On Kauai I experienced so many incredible things and the best was connecting with me. I ended up adventuring for 7 weeks and slept indoors only 1 night! It was amazing and all the time in nature definitely supported me in my pursuit of happiness. 

All my time on Kauai culminated in spending 10 days in the epic Kalalau Valley. Hiking back the 11 miles, I have never felt so powerful! I found my happy place (think Peter Pan). I captured that energy of love and happiness and cultivated it ever since. Now people exclaim over how happy I am and love being around my positive energy. I work a few days a week at the Olympic Cafe in Kapaa and love arriving to share my joy with everyone. I love infecting people with happiness! 

Makaleha Falls and Me

This was the view I saw when I knew I wanted to live in Kapaa


I love living so close nearby. I did discover my Google maps think old cane haul roads and construction closures are fine through the homelands and a 6 mile stretch ended up looping me over 15 miles and 45 minutes! At least this was commute was stunning rather than LA traffic – and usually it was double that time. 

I absolutely wanted to get as close as I could to that waterfall. I had such a strong desire on my second morning in Kauai to get there. And I did! I discovered the closest way by car exploring through the back roads of Kapaa. It lead to me the water tanks on Kahuna roads.
I came here a few months ago with of my business partners who bottles his own spring water upstream. He carries 5 gallon jugs at least half a mile through the jungle with his freshly bottled mountain spring water. We explored part of the trail, however we didn’t feel comfortable going too far without someone who’d been before. 



 The hike to Makaleha Falls was amazing!! It was pretty flat, with many stream crossings and stunning vistas. The jungle is awesome and went through several bamboo forests. Definity a physically demanding hike with rock jumping, wading through the water and even a few times we had to climb through the giant Hou Bushes (mangrove type trees) that had fallen on the trail. Our Meetup organizer Manfred was a wonderful trail guide. This was my first event with the Kauai Adventure Club. I was grateful for him leading the way, he said the trail has changes with floods too. We followed the creek the entire way to the base of Makahela Falls and, of course, I jumped in!



I thought we were going to the base of the main waterfalls from the view. Manfred said they disapate into smaller ones as they come down. Instead we followed the stream to the right so I’d never seen the Makaleha Waterfall.  It narrows into a tight canyon with sheer walls of green towering above us. And the sun passed over while we were there for some brilliant photos. 


I am so grateful for all I am receiving. First you give and then you receive; givers gain. Non’s been listening to “You Were Born Rich” and a point that suddenly just clicked was how there’s a season to sow and a season to reap. Givers gain and I noticed all the abundance all around. Connecting in nature on this amazing hike grounds my balance for everything. 

Grateful for Receiving Abudance

I love, love waking up every morning! For one, my beautiful new view is the best and I love hearing the sounds of chickens and song birds. My favorite thing though is almost always I wake up to inbox money! Money isn’t my objective, it is just the result of providing a great service. I love waking up and seeing a series of texts with all my new bookings from overnight. Yes, I generate income while I’m sleeping! Love it!

Passive income is getting your money to work for you rather than you earning money. That’s what having a business is all about. “Find a need and fill it, that’s business” is a quote from yours truly. The only way to receive money in this world is from other people. You or your business will be compensated in direct proportion to the value you created for your customer. McDonald’s solves the problem of a quick bite, cheap problem with cheap value and then there’s a doctor who provides a huge value and solves a big problem. Both services are compensated in direct proportion to the service rendered. If you want to increase your income be of more service to others.

I have truly loved personally being of service over the two past years on my journey. I have adopted the attitude of “work to learn, not work to earn” and have given great service to people. I have been compensated in many different ways and not always with money. I’ve been shocked and grateful as I received free laptop servicing, free products and services, etc. It seemed like it came from nowhere, though as I give of myself I am opening the door to receiving more. 

Esther Hicks of Abraham talks of your abundance being in “vibrational escrow” and I love that. Know and believe that you’re receiving all the good for all the good you’ve created. It’s just a matter of physically receiving the Abudance in your life. Every morning and throughout the day I get texts and emails of a steady parade of income. I set the giving in motion a long time ago and now I I am so grateful to be receiving my Abudance.