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How to Multiply Your Time using this Financial Freedom Tool

Use the formula below to create more time and get faster results!

Time Management vs Time Multiplier

How You Spend Your Time Determines Your Net Worth

This “Ted Talk” (TedX) video “How to Multiply Your Time” by Rory Vaden came highly recommended to me. I’m so grateful that I watched it and I’m excited to share with you. It’s a new way of looking at time management and how to affectively multiply your own time. By choosing to spend your valuable time on tasks creating more value for you tomorrow, reaching your dreams even faster and with the time to enjoy it!

Click Here for TedX Video

Time Management vs Time Multiplier


The first school of thought around time management was solely based around efficiency 

The second school of thought helped people pick the order of tasks, though still did not create more time


See where you can now spend your time to eliminate, automate or delegate which creates more time for you in the future!



For more financial freedom tools, click here!

Mining at Salt Pond Beach in Hanapepe, Kauai | Fun Things to Do in Kauai

Watching Hawaiian Salt
being made at the Beach!

On my way to go snorkeling today at Salt Pond Beach, I saw them mining the salt. I love this beach close to home and was excited to find out more about the mining here. Sometimes I see people working out there, but today was different. There were buckets out and it looked like it was harvesting day – I was right!

Here’s some history about the Hawaiian salt making at Salt Pond in Hanapepe, Kauai – I learned a lot about these 26 Hawaiian families who still mine as their ancestors did!

I realized it had been almost a month since I had been snorkeling at this amazing beach 1.5 miles from home. My “inner child” was asking to go play so I honored a “playdate.” I’m so glad “we” had a blast seeing some amazing creatures while snorkeling. There were tons of fish today like puffers and a trumpet fish. The highlight was a huge grey crab with big red spots.  The salt mining was an awesome bonus!


How to Request an IRS Payment Plan Installment Agreement to Avoid Levy or Seize Property

Helpful Links for Setting Up an
IRS Payment Plan

Part of my financial freedom journey left me owing back taxes.
Oh, joy. My 2012 was on a payment plan a few years back and then early in 2017 I started this process again. Here’s some valuable information I’ve gleamed from the IRS while reconciling my finances.

Steps for Making Payments on Back Taxes

  1. File Taxes Owing IRS
  2. Get IRS Letter on What You Owe
  3. Setup Installment Agreement
  4. Make Payments
  5. Celebrate Being Free!

Helpful Links for IRS Payment Plan


IRS Customer Service Phone Number: 800-829-3903

This is the mailing address for IRS I was given
If you call them, confirm which address because it’s different for each state

Internal Revenue Service
ACS Correspondence
PO Box 145566
Cincinnati, OH  45250-5566

IRS Online – “Get Transcript”
Online service to request a list of all the income sources the IRS has on record for you each year

IRS Installment Agreement Request – Form 9465
This is the link to request making payments on taxes

IRS Installment Auto Payment – Form 433-D
This is the link to the form to setup Autopay “direct debit”

IRS Request for Copy of Tax Return – Form 4506
This is the link to the form to get your tax return

IRS Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement – Form 843
This is the form to request penalties be removed

Good Things I Learned from IRS

  • You pick the installment agreement price. I owed $3600 and I suggested $100 a month and they accepted it
  • You can pick your payment due date on your installment agreement
  • If you make less than $10,000 you don’t need to file taxes that year
  • Ask For What You Need!! I told her I felt overwhelmed getting this together in 10 days so she extended it to 30 days.


“Trust that everything is working out for the best …
When you start thinking this way, life becomes magical ”
– Your Wish is Your Command

This is the worst nightmare scenario I had been fearing. Receiving IRS notice of intent to seize my property! When I read the letter I felt fine, there was no panic, no overwhelm, no barrage of condemning self talk like every other time. A few months ago this letter could easily have shattered my limping spirit.  Instead I was ready for it because I felt good and then I read the letter while giving thanks, “I am capable of handling my taxes once and for all! OMG I am truly coming out this anxiety ridden stage in my life – Hallelujah!”

I am so grateful I let those negative self beliefs go. With this renewed positive confidence I handled this tax levy situation by trusting everything is working out for my best. So it did – I was inspired to ask the right questions and attract the kindest representative to support me! Everything is on track with my back taxes now – what an even better feeling I have now!

Worst Nightmare IRS Letter turned Positive Growing Experience

Back taxes: This subject had caused me a lot of shame and anxiety over the years from a past business debt that snowballed. I fell off the payment plan during my move to Hawaii. I restarted the process in early 2017, new year it’s time to handle it. The first time I called I had an hour wait time, good conversation unfortunately they never sent me the paperwork as promised. So 6 weeks later and another 2 hour hold, this time I made some headway. I filled out form 843 to see about removing the penality. Now to play the waiting game again. In May I got a notice saying they received it. Oh yeah. Then another saying forwarded to another department. I received another letter in July said they were reviewing my file and would have an answer within 90 days.

Suddenly a week later appears this “Intent to Seize Your Property” notice. What?! Was this my return correspondence denying request or just a scare tactic to get payment? (My lovely representative admitted the IRS does have that overzealous nature with those notices!) This time calling I felt different and certain of a favorable outcome. I wasn’t anxious and I had a positive attitude when calling and I only had a 45 minute wait when I called the IRS number on Monday morning. That’s pretty darn cool. Everything’s working out well already.

This was my third call (or perhaps fourth) to the IRS this year regarding the matter and I’ve always had super kind customer service representatives. After my call I remarked to a friend how I am so grateful this is usually my experience with phone calls (since I know I how to deliberately create this I attract the right representative!). Ms. Thompson helped my fully and went above and beyond giving me some great information.

Previous IRS Correspondence Letters

As I got reenrolled in the IRS payment plan, I learned shockingly I am missing two years of records. How frustrating because I paid someone to do my taxes both those years. Rather than revert to overwhelm or anxiety over the issue, I remained calm and I learned about requesting an Income Transcript. A double win!

The IRS “Get Transcript” is a list of all the income sources the IRS has on record for you each year and payments. How helpful! Now I can double confirm everything before I file my taxes! 🙂 I’m not sure when it posts though 2016 is already there and it’s July 2017. If you filed a tax filing extension October is the deadline so you can confirm what IRS has on file for that year before filing. How nice to be on the same page! It’s free to request a mailed copy, you can download online or we went over it on the phone so I had the info right now too. I’m so happy to discover this nugget!

Hearing I needed to solve two years of missing taxes was concerning. I admitted to Ms. Thompson I was starting to feel overwhelmed doing this in the 10 day window. I asked for support and it worked and she gave me 30 days. Overall this whole tax situation feels really good to handle and I have confidence in receiving the money to pay it off very soon. In order to receive all the big money coming gotta have everything be on track. The more I see and take care of this stuff the better I feel! I recently heard the idea the Universe is your biggest investor so it wants to make sure you can handle it well!

How to Apply the Mental Bank Concept | Inner Banking Financial Freedom Exercise


Lauren’s Inner Bank Guide

Apply this Powerful Financial Freedom Exercise to Reach Your Dreams Faster!

Step 1: Define Your Goal

Step 2: Determine Value Events

Step 3: Create Your Notebook

Step 4: Establish Your Routine

Step 5: Experience Your Dreams


Click on Section Headings
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Introduction to the Inner Bank and Mental Bank Concept

Aloha! I’m Lauren and I discovered this concept called the Mental Bank a number of years ago. The idea behind the Mental Bank is to expand your current personal belief about your money experience (reprogram your subconscious).

Armed with a new self-worth and recording the daily value you’re creating (plus getting paid big checks!) this exercise influences your behaviors so you create a more abundant life that matches your updated Inner Bank.

I practiced the exercise several times on my Financial Freedom Journey and always experienced positive results. So this time when I was ready to “level up” again for a new business venture, I turned back to my Mental Bank notes. I really wanted to keep up the nightly practice (ensuring my best goal results) so I took some time to developed some key resources I needed.

The first thing I needed was a 3-ring notebook with templates - now it’s so easy to keep up with! More parts grew and soon I had created my own Inner Bank system. My friends kept asking me how I was doing it and I love to share so I put everything together in this post so you to start your Inner Bank tonight!

Here's an overview video I made explaining my Inner Bank System

My dream goal is I am a financially free millionaire living in my own 6000'+ dream home that's free and clear. It's an estate built on a family farm with over 12 oceanfront acres in Hawaii and I receive over $1,000,000 a year of passive income. This means my monthly income lifestyle is receiving over $83,333 per month if I never do a day more of work!

This dream life is a huge jump from what I have experienced so far. By doing this mental bank exercise and experiencing the feeling of living as a financially free millionaire already, I quickly begin to attract the people and circumstances into my life to make it happen. I shared this powerful Financial Freedom Exercise with my friends and - wow! - they are also having exciting experiences of receiving more money and reaching their goals faster!

Inner Bank History

Lauren derived her Inner Bank Finacial Freedom Exercise from the Mental Bank Concept by John Kapaas

Mental Bank Development

"The Mental Bank program, developed by Dr. John Kappas and the staff of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), represents the culmination of 30 years experience in the field of subconscious and behavioral reprogramming.

The text explains in easy to follow steps the five synergistic elements of the Mental Bank program and how to get them working in your life in less than five minutes per day.

The Mental Bank program is a dramatic demonstration of how your subconscious mind is a goal machine, driven to achieve whatever it is programmed for. The Mental Bank program puts you in the driver's seat for programming your subconscious mind to achieve success, happiness and prosperity, easily and effortlessly."

Success is Not an Accident: The Mental Bank Concept by John G. Kappas. 

Just so you know, this video is not 5 minutes - it's 2 hours! Continue reading this post for my "Cliff Notes" 😉

Additional Websites for Information

Applying My Inner Bank Process

Note from Lauren

A coincidence (or there are no coincidences!) is my personal connection to HMI  because what helped me to define my goal was several appointments there in January 2014. I saw myself as a financially free millionaire coming down the stairs of my dream home and raced ahead with my life in that direction. I didn't put the connection between HMI & Mental Bank until I put together this blog post!

Years ago in Los Angeles, I heard of the Mental Bank concept, Googled it and put it into practice for a bit. It was cool getting paid for my daily "value!" however my routine changed and I fell out of practice. Then at my Entrepreneur Meetup, one of the members gave a presentation on using the Mental Bank after she had taken the official course.  Only then did I find the free online PDF from HMI.

Three times over several years I used the mental bank for short periods and experienced a tremendously positive effect plus I actually had money come "outta nowhere" during those times. Yet I didn't have consistency until I put my own spin on the Mental Bank Concept and developed some great templates and resources I call the "Inner Bank Financial Freedom Exercise." I'm happy to share the resources I use and am very pleased with my results using my Inner Bank nightly.

Step 1: Define Your Goal

What do you truly want? It surprised me to learn the majority of people never have a definite goal. I have known what I want - to live in my dream house as a financially free millionaire traveling the world with my family sharing entrepreneurship with everyone.

Money Goal

If you have a specific money amount, just plug that into the goal. Using the "SMART Goal" method is a good way determine amount

Other Goals

A weight loss goal could be defined as $100,000 and I’ll pay myself according to my weight loss and value events like eating healthy or exercising.


Having big goals for yourself is great, though if you’re starting from a place of confusion or lack of desires (and maybe everything sucks in your life right now), then it’s hard to feel like your wildest dreams are coming true. That’s where the 4 areas of Peace of Mind come in to the equation by looking at different areas that you want to improve.

Peace of Mind

The 4 Areas of Peace of Mind
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness
Take a moment and assess each of those 4 areas of your life. Rate them on a scale of 0-10 (highest being 10). You can focus on the lower satisfaction areas or set goals for all the areas. See your life as you choose it to be - you are the creator of your experience!

Envisioning Your Dream Life

This is where the magic starts! Go big!!

Goals of "I want to be rich, I want to live in a big house, I want to have a ranch in the mountains, I want to be married, I want to travel, I want to be healthy" are all great though it’s vital to get specific.
How much money do you actually want?
Getting specific allows you to really make the goals measurable.
  • Does $1 million dollars make you feel rich or $100 million?
  • Do you want a $200,000 house or a $20 million dollar house?
  • How large is your house?
  • Where is it located?
  • What’s the monthly household expense?
  • Will you need a chef, housekeeper, gardener?  How often?
  • Someone to do errands and drive the kids to school?
  • A personal assistant to handle your to do list?
  • What’s your ideal budget for shopping/eating out/household expenses?
  • Do you want to travel each month? Vacations?
  • Personal jet or just flying first class?
  • Do you have a partner? A new one? Kids?
  • What does your ideal body look like?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Do you work?
You need to get used to having this abundance and be really comfortable with it. Your subconscious needs to believe it and expect it. Setting these measurable goals sets you on the right path to creating exactly what you want because you’ve taken the time to create it in your head first. (This is what I call workshopping and visualization and more on that elsewhere.)

Step 2: Establish Value Events

Value events are based on actions you do that get you closer to your goals! Things that add value to your day are, in fact, contributing to your success. Yes, it can even be serving others, taking a course, meditating or spending time with family. Developing great relationships with quality family time or business masterminding phone calls are great examples of value events.

Determining Your Hourly Rate

The difference between calculating the Mental Bank Way vs The Inner Bank Way is the Mental Bank uses an annual income to determine hourly rates, while the Inner Bank calculates monthly.
  1. Take goal amount and multiply it by 4 to get Inner Bank target
    • Example - Goal: $10,000 Goal x 4 = $40,000 Target
  2. Divide that number by 720 to get hourly, monthly wage
    • This is calculated around the clock
    • Example - $40,000 / 720 = $55/hr, I prefer to round it
  3. Double or triple hourly wage for bonus events
    • Example - $55/hr x 2 = $110/hr bonus rate
  4. Determine varying amount for flat rate events
    • Example - $500 for attending a workshop
    • Example - $100 for getting 8+ hours of sleep
$10,000 Goal is $55 per hour

Value Events

All events must be on this list to get paid!

Look at the 4 areas of Peace of Mind to determine your overall total (see Peace of Mind in Goals above)
  • Health goals may have value events like exercising, food choices, sleep routine, water amounts, etc.
  • Wealth/money goals may have value events for: responding to emails, talking to clients, sales calls, reading or listening to learning materials.

Assign the hourly rate (yes, it can be in the hundreds or even thousands $$) and a flat rate for each event: listen to yourself on determining what is an "Hourly Rate" event and what will stay at a "Flat Rate" fixed amount.
My Original and Revised Value Events

Overall the majority of value event entries should be hourly to help you gain more awareness on where your time spent regarding your goals.
  • Health Goals may get an hourly rate for exercise and a flat rate amount for healthy food choices or reaching your nightly sleeping target
  • Money goals may get an hourly rate for working on projects and perhaps a flat rate for each quick followup call

Bonus Events

When something is super hard to do or scary and brings you a significant step closer to your goals, these events are paid 2- 3 times the usual amount. Example: Making cold calls, going for a run, doing a project you want to avoid.

Now Go Big!

What is your Dream Lifestyle Budget?

Wanna $1,000,000 a year?



$1,000,000 x 4 = $4,000,000 Target Goal

$4,000,000 / 12 = $333,333 per month

$333,333 / 720 = $463 per hour!

Step 3: Create Your Inner Bank Notebook

Notebook Supplies

My Product Recommendations
*Click to Buy on Amazon Prime*

I find it a lot easier to have a 3-ring binder for my Inner Bank Exercise and hole punch my printed templates. The dividers separate your daily ledger and the other sections. Make sure you have a good calculator (and not the basic 8 digit) because you will be calculating into the millions! You can also use the calculator function on a phone or computer. I use the pouch to hold my blue pens and checkbooks.

Paying Yourself

I write real checks to myself and put them on the wall for a powerful visual. I highly recommend using specific checks for this exercise; for $20 I ordered a separate box of real checks from my bank just for my Inner Bank paychecks. It's an amazing feeling KNOWING I will cash them soon!
*Free Download* Printable Blank Checks
My current paycheck stays in my wallet all week! Fun seeing that big check each time!

Notebook Pages

The most important practice of the Inner Bank Financial Freedom Exercise is doing it nightly. I developed these Inner Bank Templates that I personally use to make it easier though you can also just do journal entries. ... Helpful Templates Lauren Created
  • Inner Bank Contract
  • Inner Bank Ledger
  • The Happenings
  • Value Events
  • Cashflow Sheet
  • Investments
*Free Download* Printable Inner Bank Ledger


Buy Inner Bank Resources

For Best "Inner Bank" Results, Join Our Accountability Group & Receive Your Templates FREE!

Step 4: Inner Bank Routine

Ah, ha! This is where the magic happens!

Practicing this financial freedom exercise every night is the key to making this work for you. 

Do it every night for one week to start!!

Since learning of the Mental Bank several years ago I would practice it for a few weeks at a time. Each time I felt such amazing growth in my mentality! This year as I pursued huge goals I brought the Mental Bank out of my "toolbox." I got serious about it and added real paychecks and made a notebook.  I made the commitment to bank every night.

Once again using this exercise I started getting amazing results plus I was feeling so much better! I decided to share how I've adapted it to my own Inner Bank routine and created the Facebook Accountability Group. I have no foreseeable ending this practice as I'm continually reaping the benefits! Life just keeps getting better and better! I'm crossing $21,000,000 tonight and my real life has shifted even more positively!

Calculating Daily Pay

Write out each event on the ledger and in the beginning recording each item is extremely beneficial. Pay yourself for the 10-15 minutes you spend doing this exercise each night.

After a few months I began to dread the ledger because I was constantly tracking my time and feeling anxious if not working enough. Not cool! Negative feelings are my sign for a course correction. So I re-did my Inner Bank Contract and went with a flat rate of $12,000 an hour x 24 hours a day - that changed my attitude and I enjoyed banking again.

After awhile re-did my contract again to get daily passive income plus have a routine checklist I reuse to streamline the process. I've tailored this exercise to work for me and you do the same. The most important thing is just to do it! 🙂

My Evolving Ledger

  1. Log each Event and Record the Rate and Time
    • Example: Health Goal - Drinking Water $20/Bottle flat rate, 6x
    • Example: Relationship Goal - Go on Date $400/hr rate, 90 minutes
    • Example: Money Goal - Cold Calls $800/hr bonus rate, 45 minutes
  2. Calculate all Events at the same time using a Calculator
    • Example: Health Goal - Drinking Water $20/Bottle flat rate, 6 times = $20 x 6 bottles = $120
    • Example: Relationship Goal - Date $400/hr rate, 90 minutes = 90 min / 60 min = 1.5hrs x $400 = $600
    • Example: Money Goal - Cold calls $800/hr Bonus rate, 45 minutes = 15 min / 60 min = .25hrs x $800 = $200
  3. Record Daily Total and add to your Inner Bank Balance
    • Example: Cold Calls $200  + Date $600 + Water $120 = $920 for the day!
    • $920 for the day + previous Inner Bank balance equals your new current balance
  4. Pay Yourself and Deposit into Inner Bank
    • Journal and write out the following script each day, "Today,(write-the-date), I am so happy and grateful receiving $##,### $(write-out-the-full-number-in-cursive) making my new balance $#,###,### $(write-out-the-full-number-in-cursive) "
    • Example: Today, January 1st, 2017 I am so happy and grateful receiving $5,327.12 five thousand three hundred twenty-seven dollars and twelves cents making my new balance $612,973.42 six hundred twelve thousand nine hundred seventy-three dollars and forty-two cents
    • Your daily pay is written on the ledger and the official paycheck is issued weekly
  5. Record Happenings from the Day!  This is your chance to reflect on opportunities you've been given each day to move closer to your ultimate goals. You'll start to recognize the daily occurrences of abundance. As you look for them,  they'll become more numerous and greater. Because what you give attention to, grows.

Weekly Paycheck

  • Calculate the total of each day during the week and write a check for that amount! Writing that check makes it real.  Seeing those numbers next to your name makes a powerful statement. "You are wealthy, you are worthy.  You deserve that abundance of money!"
  • I keep my current Inner Bank Paycheck in my wallet each week
Inner Bank Ledger and Paycheck

Advanced Banking

You can allocate your Inner Bank income and get investments. I love seeing my "Fun Money" add up and it's also good to practice paying a big tax bill for these millions! I made worksheets for these in my templates
  • Cashflow Worksheet Allocation
  • Update Investments(Add Screenshot of what amounts of money get allocated, allocation checks and investments)

Step 5: Experience Your Dream

Acknowledge and give gratitude for the abundance  manifesting in your experience!

Your mind must wrap itself around this idea of seeing abundance all around you, regardless of what your circumstances may be. When you start to SEE abundance in your everyday life, you're given more. So acknowledge and give gratitude for each and every one of those blessings! More comes to you, and more and more and more. That's where you experience your dream and build the life you're truly meant to live.



Inner Bank Concept

Your thoughts or self-belief about money
or achieving goals determine your experience
of abundance (or lack of it) in your life.


Quote from Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“[My poor] dad had a habit of saying, “I can’t afford it.” [My rich] dad forbade those words to be used. He insisted I ask, “How can I afford it?”

One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think … I can’t afford it’ shuts down your brain [because] it didn’t have to think anymore … It also brings up sadness, a helplessness that leads to despondency and often depression.

‘How can I afford it?’ opens up the brain, forces it to think and search for answers. It also opens up possibilities, excitement and dreams and creates a stronger mind 
and dynamic spirit.”

What are your thoughts about money?

Reoccurring thoughts like “I always have plenty of money” or “I never have enough money” play out in that person’s life experience.

Money is an idea and the ideas you are thinking prompts feelings. Those feelings create an expectation that becomes your life experience. If you believe “I always just get by” then it is so.

Are you ready for a more abundant life experience?

Applying this practice changes the way you think about your personal value and your relationship with money. Positively expanding both of these self-beliefs allows you to experience the life of your dreams even sooner! Start practicing this exercise every night this week and enjoy your first huge paycheck shortly!


5 Reasons this Financial Freedom
Exercise is So Powerful

Lauren’s Inner Bank System is derived from the well-known Mental Bank Concept which culminates over 30 years of research at HMI. Here are the 5 components that make up the foundation of this nightly practice many people have used with successful results.

“Success is NOT an Accident!” HMI Motto

“The 5 Synergistic Elements

1. BELIEF – Put into action your new, successful script and rewrite your subconscious

2. DAILY REINFORCEMENT  – In fact, it WILL work as long as we do it!

3. SCRIPTING  – Bypassing the critical area of the mind and entering the subconscious

4. TIME OF DAY – The last half hour before sleep is referred to as the “Magic 30 Minutes”

5.  DREAMS – New program in and vent out the old program dreaming”

Excerpt Above from the “Mental Bank Handbook”

Start Applying this
Inner Bank Exercise Tonight!

Ready For More Financial Freedom
Exercises? Click Here Now

Deliberate Creation

It’s been a really insightful time the past few weeks. I’ve been making some big moves toward my goals. I’m moving into a wonderful new house that holds the vision of the life I choose to create on Kauai. I’m building my next business which is Aloha Bunkhouse Kauai in the downstairs studio of my new home. It’s exciting seeing the pieces come together perfectly. 

First I dream build what I want and really why I want it. Then I strengthen that belief by doing things toward my goal since I KNOW I’m going to receive it. (It’s quite interesting actually writing this out.)

Why do I get everything I go after? I always have. It’s my belief that I always get what I want. However that self-belief previously gave me a negative feeling. I get everything I want so “How selfish I was, shouldn’t I put others before me, what would so and so think” were predominant thoughts in my mind. I so I would get what I wanted and feel rotten. I almost wished I didn’t get what I wanted. Nothing I accomplished truly fulfilled some part of myself I couldn’t even identy. 

And then it happened. I became aware of two important things.

I can control my feelings. I can control my thoughts. 

The biggest imphasis is on the “ability to control” that energy. That is what consciousness is and with that comes the power of the human being. The consciousness is energy and all energy is something. When a human focuses the energy of their mind on something, that energy literally controls the environment and their entire experience will change. Now the key factor is if the energy positive or negative. Positive thoughts are things and will create a positive ripple and negative thoughts create more negative. Like unto like. 

I choose to think positive thoughts and have positive emotions and this creates a positive experience which can only yield positive results. I’ve spent the past 2 years discovering this knowledge and then experiencing it in my life. Knowledge with experience results in understanding. Now that I understand these laws better I use them to get the results I choose. I choose my thoughts, how I feel and then I get positive results in my life. 

Deliberate Creation

It’s been a really insightful time the past few weeks. I’ve been making some big moves toward my goals. First I dream build what I want and really why I want it. Then I strengthen that belief by doing things toward my goal since I KNOW I’m going to receive it. (It’s quite interesting actually writing this out.)

Why do I get everything I go after? I always have. It’s my belief that I always get what I want. However that self-belief previously gave me a negative feeling. I get everything I want so “How selfish I was, shouldn’t I put others before me, what would so and so think” were predominant thoughts in my mind. I so I would get what I wanted and feel rotten. I almost wished I didn’t get what I wanted. Nothing I accomplished truly fulfilled some part of myself I couldn’t even identy. 

And then it happened. I became aware of two important things.

I can control my feelings. I can control my thoughts. 

The biggest imphasis is on the “ability to control” that energy. That is what consciousness is and with that comes the power of the human being. The consciousness is energy and all energy is something. When a human focuses the energy of their mind on something, that energy literally controls the environment and their entire experience will change. Now the key factor is if the energy positive or negative. Positive thoughts are things and will create a positive ripple and negative thoughts create more negative. Like unto like. 

I choose to think positive thoughts and have positive emotions and this creates a positive experience which can only yield positive results. I’ve spent 2 years agos discovering this knowledge and then experiencing it in my life. Knowledge with experience results in understanding. Now that I understand these laws better I use them to get the results I choose. I choose my thoughts, how I feel and then I get positive results in my life. 

How I Created Free Rent + $313 extra in February 

I am so excited to share my latest win! I’m working towards my goal of being a financially free millionaire by my 30th birthday. That means I will exceed $83,333 in passive income by August 14, 2017. I am so excited about the person I’m becoming on my financial freedom journey to reach that goal.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past 2 years. It started with a mentor instructing me to watch Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” video series. Bob Proctor is a “master thinker” and teaches you how to use your mind to create the results you want in your life. I watched the 12 hour video series that was filmed back in the 80’s, before I was even born! Looking back I realize that was the start of me truly becoming happy and living the life of my dreams. 

I created all vision I wanted for my life back in high school after attending a Jim Rohn seminar. I have been drawing my amazing dream house and had 4 goals. 

1. First business by 20

2. Kids by 25

3. Financially free millionaire by 30

4. Fully retired by 40

I reached the first two goals exactly on target. I love my kids and being an entrepreneur. I felt my life was ahead of the curve and exactly where I wanted it to be. My first company did children’s entertainment with live animals such as petting zoos, reptile shows and bird shows. I loved combining my passions of kids and animals in that business, owning all the pets I had always desired! After 6 successful years, I sold that company and chose to move to Hawaii. Why?

I reached my goals and had what I said I wanted, but I didn’t feel happy. What was happiness to me? When was I truly happy? Why did I still feel like there was something was missing? I had no idea why the feeling, my beingness, wasn’t happy. Why work hard on my next goals of becoming a millionaire if I wasn’t going to truly enjoy it?! So I set the intention of BEING happy which lead me to drop everything and move to Hawaii. 

Last year, 2015, was a huge shift. I went from being a full time mom of 3 and a self-employeed workaholic to experiencing the 4 hour work week lifestyle while living in Hawaii and traveling. I learned more about myself this year and found the feeling I was looking for – I love ME! The more discovered and developed a relationship with myself, the happier I became. I starting trusting myself to make decisions based on how I felt and be people focused, rather than relying on my reasoning and be money focused.

The challenge was and remains getting my head to let my heart take over. My heart found its bliss sleeping in my little tent for 7 weeks on the beaches of Kauai. I had tons of business ideas however no motivation to build them. I had just done that for 6 years and it didn’t grant me the financial freedom I was seeking. How can I keep my newfound happiness and become a financially free millionaire? One of my favorite books Rich Dad Poor Dad shares, “The richest people build networks, everyone else just looks for a job.” 

Networks, huh? People skills had always been a difficult subject for me. “Lauren always has a hard time making friends” and “Lauren is sensitive and doesn’t get along well with others” were self-beliefs reinforced by evidence since childhood. They had also showed up in my previous company by me not relating well to my employees, having a reputation for being cold and being a reclusive, workaholic. The more I worked on myself through personal development, the faster I started to see new, different results in my life. A huge “ah ha” moment for me resulted after a weekend in the PSI Basic seminar and realized “I like people!” This was such a surprising self-discovery and has completely shifted my paradigm. In the year and a half since that discovery, my life is dramatically different and very social. 

Being people focused and building relationships has been instrumental in developing the next phase of my life and exactly how I created my latest business, being a room rental manager for homeowners. This whole business started just having a conversation. Now I’ve been managing 7 rooms on Honolulu remotely for almost a year. This has been a true win/win to be able to work from anywhere, including the beaches of Kauai. 

I set the intention of moving to Kauai by the end of 2015. I manifested the perfect place and moved in exactly on target. Bringing my happy beingness to my new situation, I shared with my landlord how I manage the listings in Honolulu. The next day he asked if I could do the same with his place while he traveled – of course, I’d love to! I seized this opportunity and ran with it. 

In one month I grossed $1757 on that room! I happily paid the owner and shared a % of the profits with him. And I generated enough so I paid myself for the work I did and made a good profit. I created free rent and have an extra $313.50!! Woo hoo! All that from building relationships and developing a solid belief in awesome self. 

Getting Ready to Get Ready?

After hearing that statement “Getting Ready to Get Ready?
I came to two [hard] “ah ha”‘s about myself:

1.  Getting ready keeps me from my goals. Too much planning is one way I’m operating from my head instead of my heart (where I am consciously striving to operate from). Too much time and energy is spent going through my discovery process (operating from my head). I am actually in avoidance because I’m unwilling to surrender how the intention may manifest. This hinders the goals I intended to reach.

2. Am I really ready for what I’ve asked for? When am experiencing this intention? Before this “ah ha” I kept recalling the past which meant I wasn’t really ready for a new story. So my experience stayed the same yet limiting beliefs were formed because of my past story.  I am ready to choose to live my new story now!


I clearly remember when I first heard that statement
because since those big “ah ha” moments my experience
has transformed rapidly!



On January 31, 2015 I will get to see if I achieved the four biggest SMART goals of my life!


I’ve set intentions however not using SMART goals.


I am surrendering to how the goals will be met.


And it terrifies me!



My Beliefs

I am feeling so amazing and really being me. I’m in alignment aka not in resistance.

Right now I am really enjoying connections and “surrendering to love in my life now!” I’m being my contract!!

I love surrendering now and am consciously doing it. I am really looking forward to being unconsciously competent in so many ways.

Consciously removing saying “B@T, C@N’T, C@NN@T and TR@” from my vocabulary. This is really awesome because it’s teaching me about how to change a habit! It’s simple when I know how to change it.

1. First I choose to want outcome. Do I want the outcome? How do I feel? If I feel good then my outcome is in alignment with me.

2. Then I set an intention. I am choosing intentions over goals. This works really well for me. (KT references 3 ways – specific, general, feeling.

3. Now it’s the best part…I enjoy the manifestation and being present!

This is what works for me. I love figuring this out. Every step of this journey is awesome.

Reflecting I see my programs (or beliefs) have a lot of energy around time. [I’m unclear why right now.] Time beliefs put on myself show up in my life in a number of ways.

What doesn’t work for me is rushing because it hits a number of time beliefs I’m consciously choosing to change.

I choose to change or manifest an outcome by feelings. It’s amazing and possible. I connect most with feeling and being present is the way it works best! I’m still consciously changing my beliefs about time it is to challenging to keep it.

Today’s the Day!

You know how sometimes you can just feel it, you know it’s coming…you’re looking at the wave and can see it come crashing down. But this is not any wave. It’s a tidal wave.

I really like KT and I have heard his “Christmas is tomorrow!” gleefully singing in my head so many times. I get it. I really do. My belief is a 10 and my desire is a 10 – 100% is the formula. The “sweet spot” as he says.

Just recording my thoughts here tonight. I am about the streamline the focus of this exact domain to specifically document the passive income and actually apply the way in CashFlow. And share at meetings my progress. Go to a different one every night lol – but not me. Tom…Ray even …but Tim? Ken yes.

Share my story of actually getting out fast using system. Sell? Lol. REIs too. Boring!!!

Steve is gunna be a realy cool asset. Maybe take over webinars? Solo. Gil under STEVE!!!! Maybe? That’d be interesting

Anywoo…I like that word anywoo by the way. I don’t like being corrected but why? Hmm. Am I wrong for sticking up for it or is it wrong to discourage me several times when I say I like it bc it’s my thing bc it’s fun to say….?

Anywoo! I am rambling…don’t I always? I just need to get all
These thoughts out. Whew. 🙂

Oh wow!! Freaking full circle!

My title! Why did I pick it? Bc I’m going crazy and need to be admitted lol? Not a chance! Just I always need to figure it out before I can develop a strong belief. And if I don’t have a belief why would I have any desire?!

So today (as I’m sure) is the day! Lyoness is in the sweet spot and I’m running! I have my spark and I’m super excited to put it all in motion!

Everything I’ve been working on for a year has been a needed experience to get to this point. I have made mistakes I guess? I honestly 100% never thought of looking it any of this as anything but an exciting step in my journey.

My spark is here ablazing, the pieces are drifting and now this Momma Duck is moving! (My Nana loved ducks more than any other animal…) Anywoo when the duck moves it’s only the decisions with actions that move mountains…or the amazing video of the duck crossing the freeway with all her ducklings!!

Fighting sleep Today is just different.

– Two work weeks til PSI-7
– Wednesdays big evening meeting
– New joint ventures are about to get going
– 4 Hour Body and Kangen put into higher gear lost 3.7 Monday-Friday. Curious to see after awesome day yesterday!
– Personal MasterMinder

…and the biggest thing that makes today the day…(I asked) but my mom actually believes a small degree. Believes in me. She just had the realization she (I forgot if she said can/could/will)be getting a house in Port Townsend, WA.

Her belief and all of ours is stemmed from imagination then visualization then realization.

Speaking if visualization, I’m visualizing sleep! Night!