Here are programs, products, people, websites, etc. I like and/or found extremely helpful!

Setting Up A New Website/Blog

**NOTE: You must do a NOT a site. The .com is free and they host for you, but you CANNOT do much with it. The .org you need to host elsewhere (BlueHost, HostGater, etc.) and then load it into a system to edit it.**

Great, cheap hosting

Designing a blog

YouTube video on how to make a blog for beginners
Great how-to video for WordPress. I used a lot of the information to start building this blog.

Designing a website

YouTube video on how to make a website for beginners
Great how-to video for wordpress. My website was built exactly from this video.

Getting blog followers

Mail Chimp is what I’m using to build my list and allow people to follow my blog. I currently have the free plan until I have over 2,000 subscribers.


Learning Internet Marketing

A great source for learning the power of internet marketing as well as tools to start getting traffic!


Learning Investing

Play the CashFlow game online for free!
Rich Dad World is my personal favorite site for online game play of the best learning game ever! It’s free to signup and once you login you’ll see a yellow box that says “CashFlow the Web Game.” You can also register at Rich Dad but that online game is CashFlow classic and I don’t like it as much. If you ever want to play with me, just send me a message on the contact me page.
These are the real estate investing and stock classes I’m currently attending.

Real Estate

Random websites that are AWESOME!

Most services cost $5 and you can get lots of website things designed as well as some silly things – how about a personalized singing telegram from an accordion player for $5! Need a picture photo shopped? $5!

If This Then That
Wow. This site is very neat and the potential is huge. It’s like having an auto assistant to do things for you. 🙂
A free, great way to share your computer screen with people (it lets them view your desktop live)

This is another way to share your computer screen, but it’s not live. You take a picture or a short video of your screen and then you can text, email, etc. to people

Trademark Search


Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Some People I Know and/or Admire

Robert Kiyosaki
Robert’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad singlehandedly changed the course of my life!


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