Aloha! and My Story

My Website Overview

Connect, Share Value and Inspire

Why I Created My Website


  • Embrace our Togetherness
  • Mastermind Effect
  • Win-Win

Share Value

  • Business / Entrepreneur
  • Inspirational Living
  • 9 Dot Thinking


  • Teach How I Create Money
  • Sharing Abundance
  • Step-By-Step to Financial Freedom


  • Living Your Wildest Dreams Now
  • Experience Business Freedom
  • Take Care of Our Planet

Masterminding Together

What You Gain 

Knowledge with a Plan

  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-Step Action Guides
  • Personal Interaction and Feedback

Positive Benefits

  • Personal Growth and Awareness
  • Reading Entertaining Adventures

Tips and Ideas and How To’s

  • Valuable Resources and Guides
  • Interesting and Inspiring Information
Enjoying Family Time

My Personal Story

My 411

  • 29 year old Nature Lover, Single Mom of 3 Kids
  • Left Los Angeles to create Life of My Dreams in Hawaii
  • Lifelong Entrepreneur into Personal Development

Who I am Looking to Connect With

  • People Desiring More Abundance in Life
  • People Ready for Higher Peace of Mind
  • People Pursuing their Dream Goals

My Vision and Purpose for Myself

  • Teach the World How to Have Financial Freedom
  • Experience Total Liberty and Peace of Mind
  • Connect with Humanity and Clean the Planet
Adventure Hike in Kauai

Lauren’s Financial Freedom Journey Overview

My Blog and My Story

  • My Everyday Thoughts
  • My Experience & Wisdom
  • My Breakthroughs
  • My Adventures


  • Financial Freedom
  • Money Management
  • Work Life
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Self Care
  • Natural Remedies


  • Happiness
  • Subconscious
  • Self Development
  • Self Talk
  • Learning
  • Dream Building


  • Universal Laws
  • Connectedness
  • Spirituality


  • Home Life
  • Relationships
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Current Events
  • My Favorites

Lauren's "Peace-of-Mind" Journey Living My Wildest Dreams