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PSI Seminars
Cost: Basic Seminar, 3-day seminar, $795
Link: PSIBasicSeminar.com, PSISeminars.com

PSI Seminars, I personally have graduated from many of their courses. PSI was everything I didn’t know I was looking for and put me exponentially ahead in personal growth. It has changed myself, my life and over 25 of my personal friends and family and business associates have created tremendous value for themselves after attending the class. The in-person course is experiential (no powerpoint lectures!) and becomes such a profound catalyst in people’s lives I heard 1 day in class is equivalent to about a year of traditional work. I’ve sure experienced that! The best part is once you take the course you can attend free for life anywhere it’s offered. You start with the PSI Basic Class and it has a money-back guarantee. This is  hands down the single highest thing I can recommend for everyone from all walks of life for any reason.

Landmark Seminars
Cost: Landmark Forum, 4-day seminar, $625+
Link: LandmarkWorldwide.com

Landmark is a large group awareness training program with emphasize on professional goals.There’s a lot of courses and I heard feedback there’s a lot of sales pitches to upgrade. I haven’t personally attended (yet!) though I know many people who have that really created lasting positive results.

Tony Robbins




WorldofAlternatives.com, known as the largest and most effective collection of brainwave programs has everything from Ho’oo’ponopono to lucid dreaming to reiki