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Parts of Mind

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  • Super Conscious


  • Childhood Beliefs
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Subconscious Beliefs

Developing Higher Self Awareness

Your subconscious is that little voice inside and that voice is your beliefs being actualized in your world. Your world. We all live in an inner world and an outside one. The self talk inside determines our perception and thus the experience of ourselves in the outside. By becoming more aware of the self talk and the way your self feels about the world, you the creator now has greater objective movement of self. As in you are now in the driver’s seat, not being driven by the self talk of one of your many beliefs. Beliefs are the self talk, the voice of reason and judgement. We are supposed to trust ourselves right? Where does the false self enter in? How to discern in?

Under each voice is a belief about yourself. The brain’s job is to make you feel right about your beliefs (all of them that you put power into). When you have a belief that gives you a negative feeling (ex. I am not good enough) it becomes your experience to be right about. And negative feelings attract negative experience so right on schedule comes an outside incident that reinforces this negative belief your brain must be right about. It’s the brain’s job to give you what you want. The ways we communicate to the brain include our thoughts, emotions and most importantly the pictures we see in our mind. The image there is the cue box to magically service up whatever we order. That’s the spirit part though that’s a topic for later.

In regards to the subconscious, there’s some fundamentals to go over.

  • Subconscious Mind
  • Self Talk
  • Image Making
  • Choosing Beliefs
  • Directing the Self


Happiness is My Choice to Claim 

“If it’s Meant to BE, it’s UP TO ME,” Affirmation from PLD


  • Grateful Living
  • Lessons I’ve Learned, Gratitude as a Tool for Abundance
  • Living with Gratitude, Daily Practices
  • Gratitude and Prayer, Connecting the Two for Best Results
  • Using The Law of Gratitude, Manifest Your Dreams and Fast
  • Finding Gratitude, Discover Things to Be Grateful For
  • Gratitude Minute
  • Bach and Gratitude
I am Grateful for All of My Experiences

Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind Square, Thriving Body, Mind, Spirit and Financial 

Trusting and  Faith with Intentions, Utilizing a Higher Process


The Power of Laughing, the Joy of Life

Expressing Joy, Finding Ways to Connect with More Joy

Your True Laugh, How to Discover your Belly Laugh

Human Contact

Eye Contact Experiment in Honolulu, Social Experiment with Powerful Results

The Need for Physical Contact, Contact and Happiness

Hugging Therapy, My Friend’s Personal Experience and the Growing Demand for Professional Services




  • Types of Reading
  • Book List



Dream Building

Introduction To Dream Building

Dream Journal

Vision Board

 Bucket List

  • Backwards Bucket List
  • My Bucket List





Self Development


  • Personal Growth not Motivation
  • Books, Lectures & Online Courses
  • Workshops

PSI Seminars

  • Podcast
  • PSI Basic
  • Advanced Courses

Bob Proctor

  • You Were Born Rich

My Personal Journey

  • Childhood Beliefs
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • “Aha!” Moments



Self Talk

Power of Self

Word Choice

Mind Techniques

  • Be Set Free Fast
  • Energy
  • Dianetics